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Do you need a Beautiful, Responsive, and Simple Website for your Business?

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Get your Own Responsive Website

Modern websites bring in new customers and serve as the foundation for marketing success. You are guaranteed to find the best offer for your needs if you use my services. As a personal and creative web designer, I provide exceptional services for your company or service. From a simple landing page on the internet to a comprehensive website for businesses, you can always count on me to deliver high-quality results at an affordable price.

Pricing Options

Pricing may vary for specific needs, but below you’ll find some estimates for the most popular design services offered.


The basic package is designed for businesses looking for a one-time solution with limited editing and blogging capabilities.

  • Simple 4 Page template

  • Free Domain

  • Set-up Included

  • Plug-In Support

Single Page 

If you want to build a modern, professional website on a tight budget, the starter package is the way to go. This package is far more customizable than the standard WordPress package.

  • One Well-Designed Landing Page

  • Domain Name (.com, .net, .org)*

  • Free Shared Hosting (One Year)**

  • Free Basic Email from Domain

  • Basic Cloudflare Protection

  • CMS Support


The best package for a small business website with plenty of room for a stunning website for businesses, clubs, and industries.

  • Up to 10 Pages

  • All Features from Single Page Package

  • Sub Domains

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

Pricing is based on 10/hour work. Before the project can begin, approximately 30% of the Design Pricing must be paid in advance. Any additional charges incurred as a result of other services will be borne by the client.
$79/month for additional pages and regular updates 

* Prices and availability of top-level domain names are subject to change. 
**Free for the First Year** For the first year, you will receive free shared hosting from Developer. Regular pricing is $99 per year.

The Elementor Plugin is included in Wordpress Packages. All Wordpress Plugin costs are the client's responsibility.



Blog Setup and Post Creation

Blogging Support with Initial Setup and Assistance Creating Your First Few Blog Posts are additional services. Your blog will be RSS compatible, will include comments, and will add new Social Connectivity to your Brand.

Design Tools



Blocs is a fantastic visual web design app for Mac that allows me to create responsive websites without having to write all of the code manually. The WYSIWYG editor always provides a clear view of what I'm designing and allows you, the client, to provide input and even carry out the work yourself if necessary. I can still add custom BRICS and widgets to give your site a distinct look and feel.

Same Height Control


WordPress is the most popular platform for a reason. It gives you everything you need to create anything you want. It’s flexible, secure, and powerful, just like you want your business to be. It is also very expandable allowing plugins to bring your website to life. I can design beautiful web pages that you can take with you and edit all you want.

Same Height Control
webflow logo-blue

Webflow is an online Web Design Tool that allows both me and my clients to perform live edits and collaborate on functionality. Webflow translates your design into a clean, semantic code that’s ready to publish to the web or hand off to other developers. Once the project is completed, I can hand-off the project to you for simple changes.

Same Height Control

My Design Features


Can use local and  hundreds of Google web fonts to create clear and beautiful typography.


Can make stunning animations and scroll effects that make your content pop and attract your visitors.

Simple Set-up

My Designs are made to be simple to use. Just upload the contents of the folder and your Website is LIVE.


I make fully responsive websites that look great on any screen (Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile).

HTML, PHP, or HTM Formats

I design websites are utilize the latest Web Technologies and standard Web Languages

Lifetime Updates

Your website design will be saved in a secure place where if needed can always be upgraded (for a small Maintainance Fee)

More Hosting Features with Affiliated Partner:


Marketing/Business Email

SSL certificates for all of your hosted websites and subdomains.

WordPress Optimization

Thanks to servers optimized for WordPress and custom built caching plugins, they achieve the industry’s fastest WordPress website speed for the most affordable cost.

Superior Performance

All Hostinger Premium & Business web hosting plans are packed with unmetered SSD disk space & bandwidth designed to fit the needs of your website perfectly. You will also be able to host any kind of website successfully, using MySQL databases, Email accounts & FTP users.


SSL certificates for all of your hosted websites and subdomains.

Cloudflare Integration

CloudFlare is a CDN which acts as a proxy between your website and visitor. serving cached content from the nearest location thus making loading speeds faster. 

CMS Compatible

My designs and templates are made in Blocs app for Mac and are fully compatible with Popular CMSs such as PulseCMS, OctoberCMS, Sereal CMS, and Cushy CMS.
Wordpress Services are used by the Wordpress CMS.

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You may not always know what direction you want to take your brand in. To assist with this, I offer consultations and can help you create a road map to get your brand where you want it to go. We can map out all of the critical steps in the process and connect you with the resources you need to succeed.

Basic design changes and expansion are priced separately. Backend work is priced according to the difficulty of design implementation and/or setup.
Pricing is subject to change after specified time periods. Discounts are subject to change. Consult with Isiah about the best plans.
Client may suggest alternatives for Hosting Providers, SSL, Email, and E-Commerce, but implementation must be discussed with Isiah Johnson. Isiah Johnson reserves the right to reject any idea that he believes will interfere with his work.
After three months, invoices and payments can be revised. Refunds differ depending on the service. There are no refunds for completed website designs that have been put to use.

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