Isiah Johnson

Percussionist, Marimbist, and Guitar player

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First Rythmn

Devotion from a young Age

I have always been passionate about music. From Infancy to when I was four years old, my uncle and I would listen and toy with his sound system several hours a day to hundreds of tracks.


How I became a Musician

I started learning to read and play music when my grandmother taught me to play the piano at age 6. Eventually, I continued my interest in Elementary School when I joined the Riverview Elementary Chorus and Recorder groups. 

In Middle School, I was placed into the percussion section and adapted my previous piano skills to the keyboard, and learned to play Snare Drum and Timpani among other accessory instruments.

My love for music grew exponentially when I joined the Nation Ford High School Marching Band. Their program was known for several First Place State Championships (I was a part of three), Regional Championships, and National recognition when we were selected to perform in the 75th annual Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. I was in the Front Ensemble playing Tympani my Freshman year, Vibraphone the second year, and Marimba in my last two years with some pep band events in the Cymbal line and Bass Drum section.

I was particularly fascinated with our Indoor Percussion Ensemble, being a valued Front Ensemble-member for four years (8th, 9th, 10, and 12 grade)


Marching Band

From Nation Ford High School to Charleston Southern University, I was an active member of the Marching Band playing in the Front Ensemble and Bassline

Symphonic Band

I’ve participated in multiple Symphonic and Wind Ensembles for both High School and College. During my time, I got to learn from some Regional and World-renowned Conductors, Trainers, and Judges


Percussion Ensembles

One of my favorite activities is the percussion ensembles where I learned with other skilled musician the art or percussion.

Indoor Drumline

Primary playing the Keyboard Instrument Marimba, I joined my beloved group in multiple regional competitions and sought after the WGI World Championship at 6th place.


Music Performances

Ghost Garden by Adam Hopper
1st semester


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