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Multi-Talented, Resourceful, Creative, and Collaborate IT Technician, Web Designer, and Music Professional

My main goal is to leave a lasting influence on everything I do.

I'm a highly skilled IT professional and musician who is passionate about delivering high-quality results. My expertise includes researching, identifying, and implementing solutions to software and hardware computing and technical issues. I also design and build innovative websites for a variety of clients that represent their brands.


I enjoy designing beautiful websites, developing ease-of-use software, and providing marketing designs to businesses.

Web Design

Knowledge of Web-Based Scripting Languages such as HTML5, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and XML. Compatible with many CMS including WordPress, Joomla, and PulseCMS

Software Development

Proficient in several Coding Languages including C++, Java, Swift, Python, Perl, Bash, and C#


Talented Musician who played Marimba, Percussion, Piano, and Guitar in several bands and who constantly strives to improve technical skills.

Website Design

I've been fascinated by the Internet and website designers' artistic ideas since I was 12 years old. I've used Wordpress, RapidWeaver, iWeb, Adobe Dreamweaver, and Freeway Pro, but I recently took a big step forward in web design by switching to Blocs while still being able to code my way around any limitations.



From MacPostFactor and macOS Extractor to the Night Shift Enabler, I've worked hard to make people's lives easier. My extensive shell scripting experience, as well as coursework in a variety of programming languages and IDEs, enabled me to break down barriers in what computers are expected to do. My projects aided thousands of customers and established my username ‘TMRJIJ' as a well-known developer.

Isiah Playing Marimba


I'm a talented musician who has performed marching percussion, orchestral percussion, and keyboard percussion. I studied extensively in Marimba, Concert Snare Drum, and Timpani under the direction of Dr. Michael Haldeman PhD, Assistant Professor of Music and Director of Percussion Studies.

Latest News

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Datasyst Website Update - April 2021

Though I had planned to do a major website update a year after being hired, the ongoing pandemic put a halt to that and other web design projects. Now, I’m happy to say that I’ve spent some time polishing and reworking some things

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Webflow Services Added

I have experimented with the poopular Webflow design Tools and I’m happy to report that clients to choose this as a available option for Web Design Services.

Silicon Template-screenshot
Silicon Template Now Available
June 16, 2020

Silicon Valley is known for having one of the most attractive markets for tech startups as well as the most notable companies we use today so I created this new template called ‘Silicon’ inspired by these startup groups.


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