Here is my Resume and information about my recent experience. With several years of professional experience in the field, I offer a wide range of skills in web design, development, and programming.


I enjoy designing beautiful websites, developing ease-of-use software, and providing marketing designs to businesses.

Web Design

Able to design elegant, professional looking, and highly effective web pages using all available leading web technologies and frameworks.

Web Development

Knowledge of Web-Based Scripting Languages such as HTML5, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and XML. Compatible with many CMS including WordPress, Joomla, and PulseCMS

Software Development

Proficient in several Coding Languages including C++, Java, Swift, Python, Perl, Bash, and C#

IT Technician

Ability to maintain, assess, and repair most technological equipment as necessary. This  includes computers, processors, hard drives, monitors, virtual networks, routers, etc.

Music Performance

Talented Musician who played Marimba, Percussion, Piano, and Guitar in several bands and who constantly strives to improve technical skills.

Tech Support

Can help customers troubleshoot issues with a piece of equipment as well as install equipment, maintaining records of customer interactions and collaborating with others to improve system requirements.

Want to Hire Me?

Whether it’s Web Design, Programming, Quality Testing, or Repair, I’m more than capable of utilizing my skills to help push your needs forward.