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Glass Template

Last year, many UI designers began to work on a trend known as Glassmorphism. This design is based on the creation of a 3D interface. A glassmorphic design is distinguished by the use of partially transparent “glass panels” on a colorful, blurred background.


I became very intrigued by this trend and I decided to devote some time to researching various designs. As a result, my local business now has a newly redesigned Portfolio Website as well as a brand new freelance web design site.

Today I want to share this template, heavy inspired by the work of KingStudioGakh Yuriy & Vladyslav Sokur, and Mikołaj Gałęziowski

Glass Template is a modern, sleek website template with translucency effects that are all very prevalent in these other web design projects. It comes with many features to create an exceptional website that will impress your visitors.


As always, please share your feedback, concerns, and bug fixes in this thread or via email. I do read them and take them all into consideration in perfecting this design. I hope you enjoy it.

Blocs Version: 4.4.2

Bootstrap 5

Custom Code: Yes (WebKit Blur Effect)

jQuery: No

Images: Stock Images provided from Unsplash, Mesh Gradients, and Professional Photographers (Names will be provided on the Components page once finished). Not for Commercial Use.

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