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No Limits

When you purchase a template, it’s yours. You can use it for as many projects as you want and create stunning content from there.

Stock photos

Photos that come with all templates are considered copyright-free and can be used in other projects.

Responsive Design

All of these templates were designed to look great on any modern device. Your Website will be amazing whether its on a Computer, Tablet or Phone.

Free updates

When a template is updated, you don’t need to buy it again. You still get the updated version for free when you download it from your Original Purchase Email.

If you are the photographer of the image showcased and did NOT authorize the free usage of your content, please contact me immediately to remove the image and tracking down the vendor source.

Collab Product Item


A Collaboration Based Design coming soon to Blocs and as Exported HTML.

$15 USD

Unavailable at this time

Same Height Control


My First Design is a Winter Themed Template for Blocs

Same Height Control
Silicon Product Item


Tech Startup Inspired Template for Blocs and as Exported HTML.

Same Height Control

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blocs?

Blocs for Mac is my primary app of choice for my templates. Blocs is a simple yet powerful visual web design tool that lets you design elegant bootstrap websites without the need to write code from scratch. Please note, some templates may consist of code, external scripts, and custom CSS classes.

What is included?

When you purchase a template, you'll receive a link to download a compressed zip archive containing the following: Blocs project file, BEX Bloc files, Copyright-free stock photos, and the Exported HTML (for Non-Blocs Users)

I lost my Purchase

No need to worry. You can download the template again from the purchase email. If you lost the email, please contact me and I can resend your receipt.

What is your refund process?

Due to the nature of digital goods, refunds are unfortunately not possible since you cannot truly ‘return’ such downloads. A one-time Exception can be made if you purchased the wrong template (of which you can email me which template you want to exchange).

Are there any limts to what can be done with your templates?

You can use my templates for any and multiple projects, so long as you don’t sell them by themselves. You must make a significant amount of changes to make it unique and truly yours. 

What if I don’t use Blocs?

The great thing about Blocs is that projects export as basic Exported HTML and CSS files. You can import the project into your own preferred HTML Editor such as Dreamweaver or Visual Studio.

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