Notable Projects

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Datasyst Website Update 1.5 Vita

This season’s update elevates the most advanced repair shop website in the Charlotte area to a whole new level of convenience, customer support, and beauty. 

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Silicon Template

Silicon Valley is known for having one of the most appealing markets for tech startups as well as some of the most well-known companies we use today, so I created this new template called ‘Silicon' in honor of these startup groups.

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Johnson Web Designs

I provide exceptional services for your company or service as a personal and creative web designer.

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Night Shift Patch

This Installer was designed to replace the CoreBrightness framework allowing for all Macs to experience this helpful feature.

Want to Hire Me?

Whether it’s Web Design, programming, Quality Testing, or Repair, I’m more than capable of utilizing my skills to help push your needs forward.